Make Cretors Your Raw Popcorn Supplier

For Industrial Users and Snack Manufacturers

The Cretors family has been manufacturing and operating popcorn machines for almost 125 years so we have the expertise in sourcing outstanding raw popcorn specifically suited for processing in our equipment. We specialize in selling bulk corn to users of our industrial Flo-Thru popcorn equipment. Typically we sell in truck-loads or for export, in container loads (45,000 Lbs = 20,430 Kg).

Our popcorn is grown under contract by farmers in Iowa and Nebraska on irrigated land, using special non-GMO hybrid seeds. The corn is carefully harvested when the corn attains the right moisture level. The corn is then stored in silos with constant temperature and moisture monitoring and control. The corn is dried to the optimum moisture level in the silos. During the subsequent processing, the corn is carefully screened and cleaned. An optical sorter is used to inspect every kernel of corn ¡ˇěC to insure that any debris or less-than-ideal kernels are removed.

We package corn in 50 Lb bags (22.7 Kg) and 2500 Lb (1,134 Kg) super-sacks. Our 4-ply bags have an inner paper layer, a polypropylene layer and two outer paper layers. The ends of the bags are glued. These high-quality bags retain moisture and deter pests and they will normally provide a 2-year shelf-life when stored in a cool, dry place.


Cretors No. 1 Butterfly Popcorn

This large expansion yellow butterfly popcorn is suitable for making savory coated popcorn. It can be used in oil-popping or air-popping. We offer only the highest quality butterfly corn with an expansion reading (MWVT) in the range of 46-48*.



Cretors No.1 Mushroom Popcorn

This hybrid is used to make sweet popcorn (caramel, sugared, etc.). Due to its round expanded form, coating of the corn with the sweet coating will not produce the breakage that would otherwise be obtained using butterfly popcorn. Our mushroom popcorn is the finest available in the market and is famous for its uniform spherical appearance. The expansion reading is approximately 36.

Quality Measurements/Control:

•  Popcorn Moisture in the raw kernel ¡ˇěC ideally around 13.5%.

•  Popcorn Expansion on popping ¡ˇěC expressed as cubic centimeters per gram of raw corn

•  Uniform Kernel Size ¡ˇěC done by counting number of kernels in 10 grams.

•  Percentage Mushroom ¡ˇěC when testing mushroom popcorn, the higher the percentage that are spherical the better

•  Percentage Waste ¡ˇěC After popping, this is the amount removed by the down-stream sifter, and includes both un-popped kernels and small-popped kernels. Normally less than 4% (expressed as a percentage of the feed rate to the popper).

For more information and to receive a proposal

Contact John Concannon
800 / 228-1885

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